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The Original Katrina Cottage

THE KATRINA COTTAGE is a small, sturdy house that can be delivered at the cost of a FEMA trailer. It may be temporary or permanent. Some permanent models are designed to expand into full-sized dwellings.

Katrina Cottages are built with hurricane-resistant materials and are designed to withstand hurricane force winds. A Katrina Cottage must meet the International Building Code (IBC) as adopted by Mississippi and Louisiana, and should be installed to FEMA flood elevation guidelines, if applicable. It may be built of any technology or delivery system, including mobile home standards, pre-manufactured elements, panelization, or site-built of any material. It is estimated that the 308 sf model can be delivered on the Gulf for about $70,000 per unit including construction, which is less than the dispiriting FEMA trailers have been costing American taxpayers during their brief 18-month life span.

THE KATRINA COTTAGE SERIES is available in plan or kit form to anyone, public or private. While designed at the Mississippi Renewal Forum immediately after Katrina for emergency housing, they may be useful as reasonably priced housing anywhere. The Cottages are useful for camps, beach houses, hunting lodges, guest cottages, and reasonably priced, well-designed primary housing in any part of the world.